Blog Content

Search engines love updated and engaging content. It shows that a website is alive. We write keyword optimised content for blog posts

Product Copy

We deliver quality product copy that is designed to engage and convert visitors into sales. A digital sales pitch that best describes the Unique Selling Points of a product or service.

Email Content

We create email content that your customer wants to read. Targeted seasonal emails, competitor research and text formatting for marketing campaigns.

Mobile Content

Sharp, clean and unique copy that is optimised for smartphone and tablet layout. We adapt design for font size, titles and headlines in body copy.

Blog Content

We write keyword optimised content for blog posts

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Product Copy

Quality product copy that is designed to engage and convert visitors into sales.

Email Content

Seasonal emails, competitor research and text formatting for marketing campaigns.

Mobile Content

Sharp, clean copy optimised for smartphone and tablet scrooling

Blog Content

Our award winning Blog content can be written for any subject or project.


Product Content

Killer sales content that will hook a vistor into clicking on your product or service.

Email Content

We can write and set up email campaigns for products and promotions.

Mobile Content

Mobile content needs to be sharp and engaging for scrolling layout.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

After a full redesign of our website which was lost on Page 10 of Google search, we saw a dramatic increase in visitors and website traffic which resulted in a Page 1 position.

Our mobile site witnessed the biggest growth after its layout was modified for android navigation and scrooling.

Our sales increased by over 30% as a direct result of our online sales and browsers visiting our website”

Niall Dunbar

Director, Dublin Gasworks

“Glandigi designed our website from scratch. It was an easy process from start to finish. They also transferd our domain to a more cost effective hosting company which resulted in faster loading times for our website pages.

We also went with a 3 month SEO Booster package that saw us climb from page 6 on Google search results to page 1 for our niche keywords. We are more than happy with the service provided.

Keith Dowling

Owner, Gas Cooker Installers

“We needed a full Search Engine anylasis of our website and glandigi provided us with a detailed report of our website performance and advised on the best keywords to target.

They optimised our website pages by rewriting titles and URL’s which resulted in an increase of traffic and a Page 1 ranking for our website. We would be happy to reccomend glandigi and continue to work with them on an ongoing basis”

John Chapman

Director , Mayo Trailers

Who we write content for

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rates for writing Blog content?

Our rates start at €50 for a minimum of 350 words. We write quality, well written content, that is keyword optimised for your business niche.

What is keyword optimised content?

Keyword optimised content is written copy or text that includes the researched keywords that visitors use to search and find your business, service or product. We include these keywords in titles, paragraphs and metatags so that search engines can easily find and rank them.

How is mobile content different from PC or tablet content?

Mobile screens are smaller than PC or tablet screens and visitors use their thumbs to scroll and navigate. Text written for PC or Tablet will not fit and crowd a small screen, so it needs to be edited down with font and spacing size adapted for mobile layout.

Why is content so important?

In SEO content is King, its a fundamental rule of the business. Search engines algorithms rank well optimised, regular content highly. Relevant content that is useful or adds value to the visitors experience will be shared and linked increasing SERP rankings. Clicking on interesting new content or articles, is a fast and easy way of bringing traffic to a website.

Can you set up email subscriber campaigns?

Yes. We can have the software that can send emails to thousands of contacts or subscriber lists to recommenced products, promotions or special offers. Well written and designed email campaigns increase clicks to a website or page.

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